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My Return - Draco Malfoy
The Slytherin King

Draco Malfoy
Date: 2006-05-13 08:06
Subject: My Return
Security: Public
Location:My Flat
Music:The Sounds of Morning in Knockturn Alley
Tags:pansy, smith
My first steps into my flat greet me with the smell of stale air. "Hmpf," I say, thinking about the maid I had hired. No doubt she quit coming in after the second week of my absence. I knew I shouldn't have paid her two months in advance.

With a lazy wave of my wand the curtains draw open and the windows swing out, letting the brilliant sun in. A breeze rushes through, quickly purging my abode of it's aroma, and replacing it with the smell of Spring. I do hope this is an omen of the day to come.

I am tired, hungry and have several urgent needs to attend to. I think however the first order of business is a long, hot shower and fresh set of robes. I'm feeling like adorning something to match the change in seasons. I make a sideways glance at my bedroom and my walk-in closet, Yes, I think the Emerald Green Robes, laced with gold.

"Excellent," I say with a smile and head to the bathroom.

After a long and thorough shower, I slide into my robes and head for my study. There are so many needs I have to attend to. Owls have some interesting news lately. It may have been for the better I elected to not respond. The first order of business will be an owl to Mother. On the way to my study, a large pile of Daily Prophets on the patio catch my attention. It won't make a difference when I compose the letters and it would be practical to catch up on things before I reintegrate myself with the local scene.

I stride to the kitchen to make coffee and summon the Prophets to the counter. After setting the ibrik to brew, I grab the most recent edition and unfold it to scan the headlines. It appears the Ministry is looking to retire a few of the departments that were initiated at the time of the Dark Lord's rising. This doesn't affect me. It Looks like Puddlemere United has yet another player in some sort of mess. I have no real interest in Quidditch at the moment. It only takes a few moments before I've skimmed through the paper and finally stop to rest on a smaller article on the last page.

Ministry still with no leads on McClaggin Attack case.

Ministry officials are still at a loss and a lead
in the case of the fallen and comatose Auror Cormac McClaggin
In two months, the ministry has yet to acknowlege any valid leads,
or to have apprehended any suspects in the attack. The Daily
Prophet is continuing in it's efforts to get serious questions
answered by the Ministry regarding even the most routine, and
repeated, blunders, like the whereabouts of the Auror's badge,
which should contain a record of the spells used on the Auror
and the identity of the wand owner who performed the curses used.
Though, rumours are still not to rest that Harry Potter is
somehow involved in the loss of the Auror's badge. There is still no
progress to report on the identity of the two people seen by an
eyewitness leaving the alley around the time of the attack. As ever,
our sources in the Ministry are striving daily to get the answers to
questions we know our readers want to know- even when we are
met with the same incompetence we have come to expect from
our current administration. We will not rest in OUR efforts to
produce the truth, even if the Ministry does.

I'm laughing, though not sure about what particular point. Potter involvement- that could be dangerous, or is it just another attempt by the Daily Prophet to discredit the prat? I may just have to check into that. That copy is launched to the bin and I start the next; it yields nothing, and neither do the next few copies. I do find something of interest further along though.

Is Parkinson on the Move?

The Daily Prophet has received word this week that famous author,
Pansy Parkinson, was seen leaving dark alley with a handsome
young man. Could it be that Ms. Parkinson, who has a long list of
suitable suitors, has moved on yet again? Reliable sources
indicate that Parkinson was observed leaving another dark alley-
looking rather dishevelled no less, with the same handsome
stranger earlier this week! The two disapparated to an unknown
location. One can only imagine what she was up to, to have left
in such a state. Staff has been to call on Mr. Zacharias Smith,
known to be Ms. Parkinson's last beau, yet have received no
comment on the current state of their...continued, Page 4.

The slimy git probably moved on an hour after this hit the stands. The memory of the nigth out with Smith, when we got in the pub fight with Potter and Weasley is enough to know he'll turn up in one of the next few papers, tied up with a new flame and the Daily Prophet will attach to it like a leech. It's alarmingly petty.

There are times I sit and wonder about the path destiny has chosen for me, and what might have happened if I had not become a Death Eater, but finished school at Hogwarts with those- cretins, and Dumbledore's favourites, like Potter. Who would I be today? Would I be a great prat like Smith? A Daily Prophet glory whore? What would have become of Pansy and I? Might I have descended to their level? I highly doubt it, for I am still Draco Malfoy.

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