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A Not so Happy Birthday. - Draco Malfoy
The Slytherin King

Draco Malfoy
Date: 2006-06-06 03:21
Subject: A Not so Happy Birthday.
Security: Public
Location:My flat, the divan
Music:Something peaceful would be nice
Tags:draco, gringotts, karbog, mcclaggin, nymphadora, pansy
I was met by several odd occurrences today. My trip to Gringotts was less than productive. I arrived promptly at 8:00am, proceeded to another level of the bank and inquired for Karbog. After a few long moments, a larger and surlier goblin entered, he eyed me wearily and grunted his name, "Clackhog." I was directed to a room where I had met with Karbog several times before. I was quickly advised on the gain of several of my legitimate investments then quickly lead back to the door. There was a pause as I exited, a point where Clackhog's eyes narrowed, he looked at me expectantly. As if I would say something. Then he grunted and closed the door.

I chose an older establishment for lunch, having abandoned my former haunts for the time being. I would have thought this a wise choice that would afford me some quiet to assimilate the relevance of the transaction at Gringotts. I was wrong. Only a table away a witch and two wizards were to be overheard talking in quick voices. Tales of the attacks that were erupting over London, Britain and even abroad caught my attention and I sat there taking in every detail. A sickly feeling swirled in my stomach and I fought the impulse to rub the place on my left forearm where I knew the dark mark to be. I knew it must not be him. He was gone. A name brought me back in the form of shock.

"Yes, Parkinson." The witch hurried. "All over the wireless, Ministry of Magic is looking for her in connection to that attack on that auror a while back."

"Hang on," the darker of the wizards interrupted. "Not that bloke in a coma?"

"Aye," the other added. "Name was MacClaggen or some'at, been two months ago I'd reckon."

By then I had totally lost my appetite, the feeling of unease in my stomach had become more intense. I deposited twelve sickles on the table and left immediately.

I aparated back to my flat, and began to pace. This was not good. We had plans for dinner tonight at a finer, upscale, establishment at nine. While there are certain qualities of hers I find less than agreeable, no one wishes to spend their birthday alone and I am still very much attracted to her. The strain of this news only added to my need to seek her out. Surely she was aware the Ministry was seeking her arrest by now and has removed herself from public view. We worked out a satisfactory alibi for each other while abroad, but I worried about her resolve to stick with it.

The situation was complicated at least. I was unable to discover if Potter had indeed secured the Auror's Badge, or if the Ministry had any reason to suspect my involvement. Pansy had a strong will yet I wondered if she had the resolve to keep her tongue if Ministry Wizards were to interview her before representation arrived.

I had my doubts that anyone who knew where she was would be inclined to disclose such information to me. We chose not to go into the public spotlight just yet and it was a wise decision. I had to find a way to contact her, to see her, to be with her in this. I was determined to keep her safe. Any attempt to contact her might put her at risk but pacing my flat wasn't helping matters either.

By seven o'clock I had worked out a few options. I was going to proceed with our plans for dinner at nine. I would arrive an hour early in disguise to watch for signs of the Ministry of Magic, or at best to get to her first. I would have to enter the restaurant at nine or the reservation would be canceled, being a magical establishment the location did offer some privacy from the muggles on the thoroughfare. Once inside we could exit the rear quickly and aparate to the outskirts of York. We stayed there for a few nights only six weeks ago, she would remember it.

With at least that part of the plan established the next order of business would be a contact inside the Ministry for updates on their progress. At that point the solution was clear, my cousin Nymphadora. The only set back was waiting until the morning so suspicions were not aroused. It was another risk I had to take, my reason for a meeting in such a troubled time would have to be worth it to her. No doubt her department was extremely busy. I had to offer her something to gain her confidence. For the second time that wretched day my right hand twitched to massage the silent location of the dark mark.

As I look back now, it should have been a sign to me that there wasn't a single post on my desk. Not one hint that it was my birthday from any of my family, acquaintances, or worse, from Pansy.

After I had composed my request to Nymphadora and sent it off for morning delivery I made ready to leave my flat in my former disguise.

At eight o'clock I was just down from our rendezvous point on a bench with a full view of the street and the direction I knew she would be coming from. The minutes seemed to creep by like a sloth. My mind was racing with possibilities and my nerves were stretched thin. My body tensed with the approach of distant figures and released when they were not her nor showed any sign of being Ministry Officials. Try as I might, I was unable to control my anxiety.

At five til nine I headed for the restaurant. I hoped against the odds she would show up. I ordered. Picked at my plate, sipped on a glass of wine, and feigned interest in the book I brought as part of the ruse. By fifteen after ten, I knew I had to leave.

After departing I made for her flat, only to leave upon seeing all the lights extinguished. It would be under surveillance and the signs were there. A trip to her office revealed the same. That gave me some hope.

The hours of anxiety had taken their toll on my body and my mind was repeating the same thoughts like a broken phonograph. I returned to my flat and took up a spot on my divan. Where I have been since exhausted but not capable of sleep.

To make this travesty of a day complete, the grandfather clock by my desk just chimed two o'clock. With a sigh, it dawns on me that my birthday has past without flourishes, or fanfare, and I do hope I can look forward to better days in this, my 23rd year of life.

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