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The Wolfsbane Potion - Draco Malfoy
The Slytherin King

Draco Malfoy
Date: 2006-08-09 21:53
Subject: The Wolfsbane Potion
Security: Public
Tags:julien, nathan, nypmhadora, remus, wolfsbane
I only catch the end Remus' conversation with Nymphadora as I close the door to their home. Before arriving at the aparition point, one glance back toward the Lupin home and feel a coldness creeping into my heart.

I really should have known better than to think there would be acceptance from Order members. I may have placed to much hope in family relations, Nymphadora only asked me to help out of desperation. They only helped me because I helped them first, and I was an idiot for even thinking otherwise. At least Remus was honest about his opinion of me. I could see it all too clearly in his eyes.

I can sense resentment forcing itself upon me and feel the manacles of anger sliding comfortably around my heart again. I gave my word to Nymphadora and I will carry it through. This may well be the last time I go out on a limb expecting so little in return, but I will do it.

My jaw sets tightly into place with the disgust I now feel as I near my exit. I turn on the spot and look one last time on the Lupin home and all the foolish notions I've been entertaining. My eyes linger on their porch and on the memory of precious little Ella and her gift. I work the magic that will return me to Kent. I feel the effect pressing in on me and my eyes register a quick flash of pink about waist high passing a window in their home. The familiar crack! resounds through my body before I can even focus and I am gone.


The landscape changes instantly and I can feel my heart waring with my emotions to just hold on to the thought of Ella running into her daddy's arms and telling him she's a princess. My heart loses the attempt and is swept over by shame knowing that their world will never be mine. This was the life I had made for myself so many years ago, this is what I was made to do.

What the Lupin's had in their home was only a dream for someone like me. Only a sliver of it would ever truly be mine and that would only serve to haunt me.

Unbidden, one lone memory fought it's way through the chaos of my emotions. It was Ella. Darling little Ella, wrapping her arms around my neck and calling me 'Mr. Draco', she did not care that I served the dark lord in the war or how many people were hurt because of my actions.

I could feel her little form pressing tightly into me with the sincerest of gratitude and elation. In my mind I could see her running off to dress up and it hurt. Her little entrance into the living room caused my eyes to burn. Her voice was delightful and confident when had left the room and yelled out, Call Princess Ella when daddy gets home caused the first tear to slide down my cheek.

Pull it together and get this thing done. You will have time to deal with the rest later, just do what you have to for Ella's sake now. I told myself.


My associate had a decent pub on the west side of Kent. He was a stern man with eyes like a hawks. He used them rather adeptly to spot weakness. As I walked through the door my swagger and finesse slid stealthily back into place, disguising the torrent of emotions that were moments ago ravaging me.

His name was Julien. His back was to the entrance as he replenished his supply of liquor on their respective shelves. I slowed my stride and made my way to the bar. The pub was relatively vacant as I took my seat.

"Firewhiskey, Julien." I called. "Make it a double," I added with my usual drawl.

"Ah Draco." He answered over his shoulder. "Back so soon?"

He turned to hand me the drink and smiled confidently.

"Are you here to talk business or merely for the drink?" He asked.

I took the glass and slammed it back. The liquid passed through my throat and chest in a blaze but I was not new to Firewhiskey. I betrayed no hint of it's flame but returned the glass easily to the bar.

"Both." I answered simply.

His eyes lit slightly and his smile became a triumphant grin.

"I thought you might, opportunity like this," he added with a sweep of his hands. "Is what we do my friend."

I maintained my air of ease but fought the urge to point out to the man that what he was calling opportunity was nothing more than franchising on the desperation of people like the Lupins. Growing rich on parents who's children had been bitten and spending they're last knut on protecting their secret. Ella's face flitted into my mind and I quickly had to push it from me lest my weakness be discovered.

"Yes," I answered with a demeaning smile. "It is."

I pulled a medium satchel full of galleons from my robes and placed it upon the bar. It was easily ten times price of the potion, but I was after more than the potion itself.

"I want in on it Julien." I advised him. "There is enough gold in that sack to fund the next three cauldrons."

Juliens eyes narrowed greedily on the satchel and returned to my face.

"That is generous." He said skeptically. "What do you want in return?"

"I want a part of the business Julien." I answered quietly but with force. "That is half now and I'll double it to be partners. You can keep the first two months profits for yourself." I registered a mixed look of greed and skepticism on his face. "After that I will want fifty percent of the profits minus labor and costs."

I knew what Julien was thinking. He was a crude business man who only ever dabbled in trade that would offer the highest yield with no long term commitment. The offer was tempting considering there could be no clientele for the product in the event his clients were discovered. He was also no fool and suspected something more.

"That is too generous Draco." He answered and shoved the sack back my direction. "What do you really want? That is too much gold for an upstart venture that could easily be useless tomorrow."

The game was all too familiar to me and the man standing before me was far too much a novice to compete. I leaned in toward him and said in a low voice. What I would say to him next was no lie, but far from the truth.

"It won't. You know my family." I said with all the pride I was so used to. "You know who is a close and personal friend. He is making business and I can access that market first hand." I finished with a grin.

The greed in his eyes burned with a lustful fire. His mind put the connection of Fenrir Greyback and his insatiable appetite for infecting witches and wizards with his plague together quickly. Unconsciously his hand moved toward the bag of money and placed it under the bar.

The thought of all the gold to be had by such a partnership had placed him in a semi drunken state. Which was exactly as I had hoped. I would use this leverage and lie to subdue him until I had a chance to meet his connections and ultimately usurp him of his venture but not until I had his potion maker in my hands.

"The full moon rises tonight as you well know." I added purposefully. "So many witches and wizards in London who will go on the hunt tonight and hate themselves in the morning."

"Yes." Escaped him.

"I need ten doses of the potion within two hours Julien." I commanded.

This seemed to jar him from his thoughts and he replied sharply, "Ten flasks? That's half the cauldron Draco, you're mad. There won't be enough for my customers if I did that."

"My customers are willing to pay double Julien, that's 80% profit on your first go." I said smoothly, eased back into the bar stool and pointed at the empty glass.
His eyes registered the shock of my words.

"Double?" He stammered. "Merlin's fat arse Draco! You can have the whole bloody cauldron if you can get double and I keep this," he gestured to the satchel, "and receive half of yours."

"Then it's agreed," I answered. "I only need half and," I fixed Julien dead in his eyes and made it clear there was no room for discussion, "I meet your potion master and verify the purity of the potion myself. I am not willing to risk my reputation or customer dependency over carelessness or sabotage."

The look of offense read clear in his face. He was not a man used to being ordered but he knew his place. He was yet another wizard who had accumulated debts to me years ago. His eyes searched my own intensely.

"What are you playing at Draco Malfoy?" He asked, "When have I ever wronged you?"

My point was received, I downed the Firewhiskey and I flashed my triumphant grin at him. He quickly returned the gesture.

"I'm playing to win old friend, and when have you ever known me to not?" I asked sarcastically.

After departing a single vision of Ella, blissfully unaware of the world I lived in, strolled before me. Whether or not Remus or Nymphadora accepted me, Ella had and I wanted her world to stay intact. I needed it to for the hope that I had to remain alive.


The arrangements were made for us to meet at the wizards dwelling thirty minutes before the Wolfsbane potion was complete. The room was rank with the hideousness of the brew. The wizard was introduced as Nathan and not as old as I had envisioned but, showed all the signs of competence.

His procedure and technique were as sterile as possible and the man showed a great amount of irritation at our presence. Still he worked quickly and efficiently at his craft even to the point of removing his robe and only performing the final stage in a short sleeve tunic. There was no doubt his Wolfsbane potion would be as pure as wizardly possible. He would have to be rewarded for his diligence and his loyalty must be purchased at a reasonable expense.

This would be a profitable venture when the Ministry's own potion was found to be tainted and the corruption behind it exposed. The market for the potion would explode and I would be there to meet the demand. Julien would soon tire of the long term responsibility of the operation and be satisfied to receive his portion. No doubt to dabble in another project soon after. I would then have his supplier, his contacts and his business. It was just that simple.

I received my order from Nathan and tipped him another 50 galleons and a wink.

"I will see you again in two days Julien after we've had a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of the Wolfsbane. We'll have to discuss our competition." I added with a confident grin. "It has been a pleasure doing business with you again."

Julien nodded and returned the smile. I departed for the Lupins but did not fool myself into hoping that I would be greeted for anything more than my services to them this time around.

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